Crusher Repair

NCIndustrial uses the latest in automated welding procedures and CNC machine tooling.

NC3000 Refuge Door Sealant

Our sealant rope replaces clay or caulking that typically are messy and difficult to use.
Providing a safer and faster alternative.

3D Parts Scanning

NCIndustrial has the skills and equipment to recreate the original design documentation from a part’s initial production with 3D Scanning.

NCTEC ARC Spray Coatings

Explore the wide range of benefits compared to conventional welding techniques.

Hydraulic Safety Toggle

The HD Hydraulic Safety Toggle ergonomic design equates to increased worker safety.

  Crusher Parts


  Service / Repair

Welcome to NCIndustrial

We are a manufacturer, distributor, and repair depot for a variety of heavy industrial products used in the mining, construction, and heavy industrial sectors. NCIndustrial thrives in several specialty niche markets through a diversified product and service offering that includes but is not limited to crusher parts and service, Babbitt bearing supply and service, heat exchanger cleaning and servicing, fluid sealing, and high-temperature products and industrial MRO distributed products.

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