Explore the wide range of benefits compared to conventional welding techniques.

  • Protects parts from wear by friction, abrasion, erosion
  • Increases resistance to corrosion, heat and oxidation
  • Maintains original mechanical strength of substrate
  • One-step, self bonding characteristics
  • Minimum shrinkage stresses in coating
  • Controlled density and oxide dispersion
  • Faster deposit spray rates reduce labor costs
  • Cost effective solution for increasing productivity

Screen protected against fine particles.

Protecting fan blades from abrasive wear.

Coated pump housing to resist erosive wear and cavitation.

Protecting boiler tubes for the Power Generation Industry.


The complete range of NCTEC Arc spray wires has been developed by using extensive, practical research experience in advanced, metallurgical alloy formulations. These arc spray wire alloys are custom designed and batch manufactured according to rigorous quality standards needed for demanding, industrial surface engineering applications. The strict use of refined raw materials and alloying elements guarantees, after precision drawing and winding, a versatile range of composite and solid high alloy wires optimized to boost arc spraying performance.

NC 500 Ni-Al 9500 75 HRB Bond Coat Bond layer and as a one-step build-up material for dimensional restoration
NC 502 Fe-Cr-Ti-Si-Mn 5500 63 HRC Bond Coat Self-bonding, iron-base coating for boiler tube applications to resist fine particle erosion
NC 514 Fe-Cr-Al 6300 85 HRB Self-bonding alloy For buildup with high machinability
NC 520 Zinc 1200 70 HRB Conductive End Coating Coatings are best used in environments where pH is greater than 6.0 and wet environments
NC 525 Al99.5 4300 65 HRB Protection of steel in costal and offshore environment Protection of steel in salt water environments. Resistance to atmospheric and salt water immersion
NC 527 Al-Si 4000 95 HRB Repair of aluminum or magnesium substrates Coatings are a suitable alternative to pure aluminum coatings when corrosion is not the primary factor
NC 528 Al-Si 4000 72 HRB Element Repair Casting Blowholes For repair of worn aluminum and magnesium parts
NC 530 C-Si-Mn-Fe 5800 95 HRB Part Restoration Suitable for re-build applications where hardness is not critical, but where low costs are a factor
NC 532 Fe-Cr-Mn 5100 56 HRC Cylinder Liners Hydraulic Rams Use against metal to metal friction, corrosion and erosion coatings in general workshops
NC 535 Fe-Al Composite 8000 35 HRC Traction Rolls Machine Elements May be used as an anti-skid coating with mild abrasion resistance bond strength
NC 538 C-Si-Mn-Fe 8400 23 HRC Thick Coatings Dense coatings have excellent resistance to mild abrasion and exhibit low shrinkage
NC 545 Cr-Ti-Ni 7000 32 HRC Boiler Equipment Used to protect boiler tubes in black liquor recovery boilers and coal-fi red utility boilers
NC 546 Hastelloy C-276 7000 35 HRC Excellent in reducing oxidizing environments Dimensional restoration
NC 547 Inconel 625 7000 92 HRB Excellent corrosion resistance Chemical processing industry
NC 548 Ni-Al-Mo 7500 80 HRB Bearings Pump Shafts Primarily used for dimensional restoration, but may also be used as a bond pass
NC 552 Cu-Al-Mn 7000 67 HRB Sleeves Bearings Aluminum-bronze coating exhibits excellent bond strength and good machinability
NC 560 C-Si-Mn-Fe-Cr 6500 42 HRC Dimensional Restoration Excellent resistance to mild abrasion and corrosion for dimensional restoration
NC 562 C-Si-Mn-Fe 5800 95 HRB Seating Bearings Bearing Housings Good bonding properties for dimensional restoration repair of mis-matched parts
NC 563 Fe-Ni-Al-Mo 8000 90 HRB Diesel Fire decks
Cylinder Heads
Machinable, self-bonding coating suitable to re-build worn diesel engine components
NC 564 18/5 SS 4300 95 HRB Low carbon stainless steel Good machinability and low shrink alloy
NC 565 304 Stainless Steel 4600 100 HRB Part Restoration
Widely used for machine element repair and dimensional restoration
NC 585 Babbit
Tin Based
3000 NA Babbit Bearings Rebuilding Babbit bearing surfaces
NC 595 Fe-Cr-B-Si-Mn-C 5800 60 HRC Exhaust Fans
Coal-Fire Boilers
One-step protective coating against wet or dry erosion


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