NCI manufactures and repairs steel, cast iron, and bronze parts for all types and sizes of crushers.


Offering over 50 years of manufacturing experience, we realize how parts work, wear and fail. Our team has the resources to supply clients with new products and provide restored crushers to their original as-new OEM condition, or custom specifications upon request.

NCIndustrial has successfully revived many parts that were deemed beyond repair. The choice to restore, rather than replace has been a sustainable solution for mines and quarries to maintain their operating budgets. Clients can trust the NCI team for guidance towards improving their machinery’s performance.

If you have components that are worn or cracked, call NCIndustrial to speak with our sales team, today!


100 Mumford Road
Lively, Ontario P3Y 1L2

P  705-885-1600
F  705-885-1644

P  705-885-1600 ext. 9



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